USB Electric Fly Trap Device

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Enjoy Your Summer Without Flies & Bugs Now!

We All Love Spending Time Outdoors On The Patio, Enjoying Family Time, Having A BBQ Or Going Camping On The Weekends. As Summer Approaches The Only Thing Ruining The Outdoors Is Annoying Bugs, Constantly Swatting Them Off Of Our Food And Bodies Gets Old Really Fast. It Happens Year After Year, But Not Anymore! 

This USB Electric Fly Trap Device ´╗┐Is Non-Toxic. The Product Uses Physical Methods To Kill Flies, Unlike Pesticides, Which Pollute The Environment.It Does Not Use Any Chemicals And It Is Safe For Your Family Members And Pets. Easy To Use, USB Powered Can Be Used Anywhere.This Captures Any Flies, Fruit Flies, Mosquitoes And All Other Annoying Bugs!

This Is The Solution For Stopping Flies & Bugs From Bothering Us And Spoiling Our Food Throughout The Summer Months. 

Just Turn On The Machine And It Will Run Automatically. Efficient The Flies Will Be Lured Automatically To The Machine And Trapped!The Energy Consumption Is Lower Than The Mosquito Killing Lamp, Simple And Easy To Operate, Convenient To Use, Durable And Efficient, And Is Very Novel.

Products Are Better Than Mosquito Killing Lamps. Insect-Killing Lamps Are Difficult To Clean Up On The Grid.The Attraction Of Food Is Far More Than The Attraction Of Light To Insects.Please Note That When Used, Please Put It In The Bright Place To Increase The Effect.Suitable For Many Places Such As Hospital, School, Office, Restaurant, Or Factory

Five Bait Traps - If it's 100's of flies or just one that's hard to catch and annoying, the trap can capture and contain hundreds at a time. Using Sugar & Water with five bait traps, you will easily be able to clean up your kitchen or patio of any amount of bugs. 

Five Rotating Arms - Each arm is constantly swooping past the bait traps, capturing any flies or bugs that are feeding. You might think, flies run away from me when I go to capture them - what makes this different? Considering it's in constant motion the flies will not be scared and will allow the arms to pull them into the Anti-Escape Trap.

Anti-Escape Trap - Once pulled in by the arms they will be unable to escape leaving the trap. They will be trapped inside until they die or you release them. The bottom has a release switch to let them go outside or dump them into the garbage once killing them.

Dehydration - Once the bugs have been tricked into the trap, a dehydration process occurs, killing them.

Easy Clean-Up -  To clean, simply push the release button then twist off the bottom of the Bug Trap and dump out the contents. 

Universal Power - This Electronic Bug Trap is powered with a USB connection making it easy to power anywhere around the world. Plug it in with a power block, plug it into your laptop or devices making it completely portable.

Safe & Non-Toxic - No more chemical sprays and pesticides contaminating your living area. Using just sugar and water you can get rid of all those annoying bugs!

Packing List

1. 1 x USB Electric Fly Trap Device

2.1 x Bag of Trapping Food

3.1 x USB Cable

Using step:

1. Spread the bait on the 5 grooves (Please do not use hard objects as bait).

2. Connect the power and turn on the switch.

3. The fly is attracted by the bait and transferred into the box by the rotating plate.

4. Remove the fly trap box and clean.

5. Clean up and recycle.